Genocide: History Repeating

Media Diversified

by Robert Kazandjian 

I became interested in genocide because it happened so many times. It happened to the Armenians, then after the Armenians, Hitler took action.’ – Raphael Lemkin

On July the 11th, Muslim Bosniaks commemorated the twentieth anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide. The Bosnian War raged as the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began to crumble. Bosnian Serb forces entered Srebrenica, a designated United Nations ‘safe area’ and subsequently executed approximately 8,000 Bosniak Muslim boys and men. The intent was clear; destroy Srebrenica’s male population in a coldly efficient, planned manner. The massacre was utilised diplomatically to manufacture consent for NATO’s bombing campaign over Bosnia. Regardless of opposition to this campaign, or any imperialistic NATO intervention for that matter, the horror of Srebrenica undoubtedly constituted an act of genocide.

Right now, the Muslim Rohingya people of Myanmar are suffering in the midst of a continuing genocide…

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12 juillet 2015 · 14 h 46 min

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