Sunday Talk: Reversal of fortune

The Fifth Column

Daily Kos

A funny thing happened on the way to the StateoftheUnionaddress
President Obama stopped givingfuck about what his Republican and/ormainstream mediacritics think, and started getting real.

With no more campaigns to runObama returned to his trash-talkingelbow-throwing, Beyoncé-loving roots—and in doing so, he defied the so-called « conventional wisdom. »

We were told, again and again, that Republicans won a mandate in the midterms, and that Obama is a lame duck—maybe the lamest duck ever!

Or maybe not.

While the GOP has been stumbling toward 2016, alienating entire genders and voting blocs, Obama has been issuing executive orders and vetothreats like they’re going out of style—and his approval rating has been rising.

This isn’t the way things were supposed to play out… but apparently

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